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Designer Toys Became Art

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Remember when parents would literally rip Cabbage Patch Kids from each other's hands in stores? When the soft-sculpture dolls went national in the early '80s, people couldn't "adopt" enough of these for around $30. As with many youth-oriented collectibles, condition is everything, so unless your "kid" hasn't been out of its box, expect to perhaps break even.
Bulk Scanning to add your action figures to the application even quicker. A coverflow view to see all of your action figures when you turn your device sideways. Candie Bolton had already collaborated with KidRobot when she was approached at Designer Con with an offer to design a Hello Kitty art toy.

A fun and imaginative collection of vinyl designer toys, each concept below has it’s own backstory and unique idea. All toys were made as a fun project and a contribution to the vinyl designer toy world. Jesse Hernandez (@UrbanAztec) is a visual artist born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, most widely recognized for his street art murals, vinyl toys, and diverse Illustration work. His style is known as Urban Aztec, a combination of graffiti and ancient indigenous culture. Hernandez’s artwork has been featured by Warner Bros., the San Jose Sharks, the Oakland Museum, ...
When Mr. Kozik came aboard at Kidrobot in 2014, the company was struggling with financial and leadership woes. The toymaker had stumbled after its founder and chief executive left in 2012. Without strong direction, sales were slumping, morale was suffering and employees were jumping ship. I agree to my email being stored and used to receive the newsletter. All items purchased with a pre-order item will be shipped together. In simpler times, before titillating Halloween costumes became all the rage, THE coolest costumes were those brightly...
We have all your favorite characters like Batman, Joker, Deadpool, Thanos, Harley Quinn, Dracula, Venom, Superman and Wolverine. King of Rock Smorkin’ Labbit.Spanish born Frank Kozik is often credited with single handedly reviving the lost art of the concert poster. His career rose largely out of his enthusiasm for Austin’s growing underground punk scene in the early eighties. In 1981, he began designing and posting flyers for friends’ bands on telephone poles.

But by nature, the bulk of costume jewelry is mass-produced, designed to bring a bit of glamour within the reach of everyone. That means there's an overabundance of pieces that, while pretty and intricate, fill the $5 or $10 tables at flea markets. It's hard to unload pieces with missing rhinestones or faulty clasps. Well, the two barriers are money and the accessibility of factories, also not that many people in the world dream of producing their own toys.
Galactic Toys provides the latest and largest selection of Gundam Model Kits, Gunpla Accessories, Funko POP! At Galactic Toys we stock thousands of products from Funko, Bandai, Gundam Models, Kotobukiya, Mattel, Hasbro, and many more. Law and Order at Babesta Law and Order visited us at Babesta Cribz today. Jeremy Sisto and Anthony Anderson were in and out keeping warm and checking out Bugaboos, Bloom high chairs and the like in between takes. KAWS has also collaborated with the Campana brothers on a range of furniture covered in plush toys, which debuted at Art Basel Miami and was immediately snapped up by Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner. Described by curator and art historian Michael Auping as ‘ Greenberg’s worst nightmare’, KAWS is seen as the enfant terrible of the New York art world.

When people think of making investments in valuable collector’s items, Barbie dolls probably aren’t on the top of their lists. But the reality is, Barbie dolls can be incredibly valuable. Ranging from just under $1,000 for the Midnight Tuxedo Barbie to $23,999 (no, there’s no typo there) for the Blonde Barbie released in 1959, these dolls can be worth a fortune today. Perhaps not quite as mainstream as other collectibles on this list, lunch boxes have made their way into the crosshairs of collectors everywhere.
A Jurassic Park Lost World Series One Thrasher Tyrannosaurus Rex sold on eBay for $900, says GOBankingRates. Turns out some dinos are worth more than others too — Complex Magazine says to watch out for the Carnotaurus, Gallimimus and the T-Rex. The female super sleuth has always attracted devoted readers and collectors.

When Bowie first released his “Diamond Dogs” LP, its cover was a bit too much for the public to handle. Kids these days might not even know what a boom box is – unless they are hipsters, whose thirst for vintage items have boosted the value of items like boom boxes from the 1980s. The boom box trend of the ’80s set the stage for portable cassette tapes and CD players by personalizing music consumption. While not yet on the same level as vinyl, CDs are becoming ancient artifacts as far as music-consumption tools go. Michael Jackson’s signature series disc from 1993 can go for around $1,400.
But the secret to the company’s success was not the number of licenses that it carried, but the devotion it had for each one, said Mr. Mariotti, who is a toy collector himself. But the real coup for Kidrobot came after the Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts agreed to give the company a license. To Mr. Kozik, who grew up in a punk rock scene, the Pop artist was a natural fit. Born and raised on the streets of New York City, kaNO discovered art at a very early age.

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